Merddin's New Tanks -2003

This illustrated tale was originally written as it happened over the Christmas period of 2003 to provide a blow by blow account for those not with us in Wales.

The plan is to reshow it here for awhile and then it will move to be part of the full story of the rebuild

With the demands of a New Years Eve Party and the painful aftermath there wasn't a report on New Years Eve and nothing got done on New Years Day. The first of the second set of tanks was completed in a day




Tank 2 came out of the jig on New Years eve and is now sitting in place on Merddin's frames so as to be portable and out of the way. Tank 3 is progressing and as I type this at about 16:30 the plan is that it will come out of the jig tonight.

Progress today has been rapid as things wound back up to speed following the New Years Eve party and the NO GO area that is New Year's day. A good time was had by all but progress would have been impractical yesterday.

We have been a bit short handed as there is a flu like lurgi going round at the moment. Its my turn with it at the moment so I haven't strayed far from the fireside for the last two days. There is a determination to get tank 3 out of the jig to show that a tank can be assembled in a day and then to do another one tomorrow leaving Sunday morning for a tidy up followed by lunch at our club

Tank 2

The second tank is out of the jig and lifted on to the side of Merddin

Tank 2

Tank 2 is offered up to Merddin for the location of fixing brackets.

Merddin Tanked Up

Both tanks are now on Merddin. There is still a lot to do to them but they are now on the engine and mobile


The Bax and Bonkette grind weld preps on plates for tank 3

Parts Reclaimed

This heap of bits are reclimed parts from Merddin's drivers side tanks

Tank 3

Tank 3 was only started this morning. Here it is well on its way to completion.

Tank 3

More fabrication

Tank 3

Well Assembly

Welding in Dark Places

Emily is in the tank seam welding joints previously tack welded

Welding in Dark Places

If you think you can weld try it squashed into tank

It Will Fit

The footplate section will fit with a bit of help from a few large clamps



Ready to Lift

This is tank 3 ready to lift out of the jig on the same day it was started.

Lift 1

First the tank is lifted horizonatally and lowered on to packing

Lift 2

The chains are re-rigged to lift it upright. The tank is placed on the timbers as the RSJ nearest the camera is not fastened to the others and we need to avoid tipping it over.

Lift 3

Slowly the tank comes upright

Lift 4

Nearer to upright

Bonks on Chains

Bonks is hoistman for the lift

Closer to upright

The tank comes up slowly until it overbalances and stands level on the pcakings.

Nearly Down

Once upright on the packings the A frame is repositioned so the tank can be lifted again and moved sideways.

Pub Time

That's it - 18;45 on Friday 2nd Jan the third tanks started only that day is standing on packings and the gang are off to the pub.

Same again tomorrow!!!!


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