Merddin's New Tanks -2003

This illustrated tale was originally written as it happened over the Christmas period of 2003 to provide a blow by blow account for those not with us in Wales.

The plan is to reshow it here for awhile and then it will move to be part of the full story of the rebuild

This one was posted on Christmas Eve and, yes, some of us did work for at least some of both Christmas Day and Boxing Day

Vindicated! If we had any doubt as to whether we should have decided to build new tanks it was removed today. we have been cutting up the old tanks to remove the components we need to reuse on the new tanks and it has been very difficult as rust and scale don't cut with oxy-acetylene!


Parts Salvage

Many of the mounting brackets, steps and fittings are being relclaimed from the old tanks before they are scrapped.

Salvage 2

This ole is where the inspection cover from below the fireamns side footplate was cut out

Salvage 3

Thi is another view of the same hole but the joining pipe to the pther tank on the same side can be seen


This is the inside of the firemans side top end water tanks. Teh spaces between the baffles are full of rusty scale that is flaking off and can be lifted out in complete sheets. The baffles probably started life as 1/4" plate. There is less than a 1/16" left

Definately scrap

The baffles probably started life as 1/4" plate. There is less than a 1/16" left

More Holes

This is the front end after the step b=and sand box mounts have been removed

Access Rings

These are the salvaged mounting rings after tehy have been cleaned up and ready to weld to the new tanks.

New Tanks

This is some detail work in the tanke under the firemans side footplate. The bottom box will be a cutout to allow pipe runs through. The other one will be the step.

We didn't get the first tank lifted today but it has had a lot of detail work done. The outer plates have had the reclaimed handrails fitted. Internally mounting pads have been welded into place. This took a bit longer than planned as the two welders were working on their own. Ideally they would each have a labourer working with them so they could concentrate on welding


Tomorrow a few of us are working on the morning, at least until the pub opens.



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