Merddin's New Tanks -2003

This illustrated tale was originally written as it happened over the Christmas period of 2003 to provide a blow by blow account for those not with us in Wales.

The plan is to reshow it here for awhile and then it will move to be part of the full story of the rebuild

 This report was posted on  the 23rd December 2003

Here's today's progress report. Things really appear to be moving along today as two team have been going at it.

Team one has continued to assemble the first tank and the jig. This one is nearly ready to lift out of the jig. Hopefully this will happen tomorrow.

Team two has started to dismantle Merddin and salvage components that will be reused.

Meanwhile the works full time lack of organisation has tried to frustrate - today's saga was an attempt to steal our staff to fetch an empty fuel tanker from Port and take it to Minffordd and fill it before returning it to Porthmadog.

Salvage 1

In preparation for fitting the new tanks to Merddin he has been brought into the new erecting shop and our 2nd team have started dismantling the tanks.

Salvage 2

This view of Merddin from above shows the cab stripped> next step is lifting the tanks off.

Salvage 3

Sorry there are no pictures of the tanks being lifted off, it took all of us so ther ewas no cameraman. Here the first tank is on its side and I am gas cutting the parts we want to keep off of it.

Salvage 4

On the other side of the tank Matt and Kevin are trying to remove the water filler lid. Naturally all but the last one came out easily. The last one required force and bad language.

New Tanks 1

The next few shote are off the 1st new tank taking shape.

New Tank 2

This view taken from the top of Merddin shows what will be his new firemans side tanks taking shape

New Tanks 3

Here it already looks like a Double Engine. All being well tomorrow should see this one lifted off the jig.

New Tanks 4

The new tanks team had an extra welder today. Cerys was busy doing seam welds on the inside joints whilst the Bobs were setting up sections at the other end.

Sorry there aren't so many pictures today. I have spent today gas axing the old tanks which makes taking pictures a bit difficult.


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