Merddin's New Tanks -2003

This illustrated tale was originally written as it happened over the Christmas period of 2003 to provide a blow by blow account for those not with us in Wales.

The plan is to reshow it here for awhile and then it will move to be part of the full story of the rebuild

These reports were created by Paul Martin and posted each night throughout the Christmas & New Year working party. They were uploaded by a dial up link from #1 Boston Lodge where a number of the team were staying and usually done as half a dozen people took it in turns to get clean, cook meals all before heading for the pub. This first report was posted on either the 20th or 21st December 2003

Here's the first report from the Christmas tank gang. As you will see from the progress this wasn't the first day. Two people have been working to clear the space and prepare the jigs. The tank assembly only started today and has made remarkable progress. The aim is to get this tanks tack welded together so it is strong enough to be lifted off the jig and on to trestles.

Tanks one will be finish welded on the trestles and the jig will be used to start Merddin's second tank,.


Parts 1

All the parts for the tanks for bith engines were delivered on pallets. These parts form the tanks wells.

Parts 2

These bits are the tanks inner ends with removable manholes.

Parts 3

A collection of the parts including the outer faces of the tanks with the preformed top radii.


In this shot you can see one of the new MIG welders alongside the TIG set. There are two more MIG sets around the tank jig.

Manholes 1

One key feature of the tank design is access for maintenance. The inner faces of the tanks and the inner ends that will be in the cabs all have removeable manholes.

Manholes 2

The manholes are made up of a thicker joint with captive dome headed nuts welded on the inside. all the holes both in the cover and joint ring were cut by laser ensuring consitency of both size and location.

Manhole 3

This is one of the tank end frames with the cover bolted in place


The tanks are being assembled in a large jig made from deep section RSJ's. The first side is being assembeld on the jig.

Assembly Jig

Sorry this is a bit dark but you can see the extent of the jig on four road in the new erecting shop. The first tank seen here is Merddin's firemans side tank.

Manhole Rings in Place

The manhole rings being tack welded in to place. All the assembly is being tacked only at this stage unitl all the alignments have been checked.

Assembly 1

Here what will be Merddin firemans side bottom end has the end plate and two baffles tack welded into place.

Assembly 2

Seam weld on the join between the sounds side plates and the well plate

Assembly 3

MIG welding in progress on the first tank

Assembly 4

The first assembly from another angle

Assembly 5

End view of the tack welded assembly on tank one

Fairlie Bogie Parts

This is a stoc of parts for the second bogie for Merddin.

Fairlie Bogie Frames

Here the bogie frames for the second bogie is being assembled on the surface table.

All being well there will another report tomorrow.



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