Merddin's New Tanks -2003

This illustrated tale was originally written as it happened over the Christmas period of 2003 to provide a blow by blow account for those not with us in Wales.

The plan is to reshow it here for awhile and then it will move to be part of the full story of the rebuild


The Tank Project - XMAS 03


As you will see from these two pictures the steel work that made up Merddin's old tanks is corroded and full of holes. Rest assured it looks worse from the inside and on the boiler side of the tanks. For awhile we thought about patching the tanks or making new lower sections but quickly discounted this as we want to do a proper job and ensure the loco stays in service once it returns to use. The tanks date from 1961 with modifications done in 1986 so they haven't done badly for 42 years in service.

The Story

Through the Xmas and New Year break on 2003 a large gang assembled at Boston Lodge and not only built a set of tanks for Merddin but they did a set for Earl of Merioneth as well.

As the job progressed the story was told in daily web updates produced and uploaded from Boston Lodge generating a real sense of anticipation as the gang were up against a tight deadline.

The reports are reproduced here as they were posted at the time

Job Done Progress What's Next?

The mission was to build two sets of tanks. One set for Merddin and a set for the Earl for future use.

All four tanks were completed as far as needed to get them of the jig. Merddin's were progressed a but further and fitted on the engine.

The 2004 task is to finish them!

As the job progresses links to news pages will be posted here

Are the tanks finished? Not by a long way.

The set for Earl of Merioneth have been painted in primer and will be stored until they are needed for that engine.

The set for Merddin need a lot of work doing to finish them. The drivers side tanks still need a lot of welding doing to them to complete them. The fireman's side tank needs the internal and external painting completing before they can be finally fixed to the engine and the fittings applied