Merddin's Summer of Woe - 2008

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Finally Merddin Emrys returned to service over the 2008 August Bank Holiday weekend after a few test runs before hand. The return was celebrated with some trains that were a little unusual.

  Thanks to everyone contributing pictures just four days after the new site was first published its been necessary to have a bit of a re-organise of this last page as it had all the higher resolution photos on it. There were only two when it started now the links on the images below will take you to different sets of photos.

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Test Trains Double at Play One and a half proper engines



So what now?

The repair to Merddin is sort of temporarily permanent and he is effectively on `special measures' to use some school jargon. What do i mean? Well the repair is temporary in that its a good fix and is good through to the boilers next ten year overhaul. At this stage we have to consider an overhaul or a new boiler. If its a repair then the tubes come out and this repair get replaced by a new riveted one.

Special Measures? Obviously this repair will be closely observed as its the first we've done like this. To enable those inspections the cladding has been modified so that the affected area can be looked at without stripping the entire loco.

  My last words
  I need to point out that this is a story told second hand as I wasn't at Boston Lodge for much of the time this was done so its quite possible that I have got the wrong end of the stick with some of it. If I have, sorry. If someone "in the know" puts me right I'll correct these pages.

I would welcome any more photos of the repair in progress, in particular a photo of the elusive carrot bolt would help no end.

Many of the photos on these few pages are the work of Roger Dimmick who has graciously allowed their use. You can see a lot more of his pictures at http://roger-dimmick.fotopic.net/

One other photo, that of Merddin shunting is the work of Barrie Hughes and features on his excellent news site for the goings on with the new Welsh Highland Railway you can find this at http://www.isengard.co.uk

Since the page was first created other have contributed photos and their photos are credited by the picture