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2008 - Boiler problems see Merddin in the works for most of the summer


2007 Merddin Converted from oil to coal firing


2005 returned to steam after a major overhaul - initially in black but repainted in time for the vintage weekend


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1879 - Merddin Emrys built at Boston Lodge

More images added to the end of the boiler woes saga - 04/09/08

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Merddin's Diary Introduction    
Day Date Train Times Ex Porthmadog
Saturday 25/06/11 Not Rostered
Sunday 26/06/11 Not Rostered
Monday 27/06/11 Not Rostered
Tuesday 28/06/11 11:40 & 16:00
Wednesday 29/09/11 11:40 & 16:00
Thursday 30/06/11 11:40 & 16:00
Friday 01/07/11 11:40 & 16:00
Welcome to the new website to tell all about Festiniog Railway Double Fairlie Merddin Emrys. The previous site for Merddin had to be abandoned because of issues with the web hosting company used which resulted in a period of inactivity and then a move to a new host.

The opportunity has been taken to start from scratch so initially this site will be a bit empty but the old stuff will move across and get tidied up in the process. As a start to the new site we have a page on the boiler problems that have laid Merddin low for most of the summer and a new roster feature

Day Date Train Times Ex Porthmadog
Saturday 02/07/11 11.40 & 16:00
Sunday 03/07/11 11.40 & 16:00
Monday 04/07/11 11.40 & 16:00
Tuesday 05/07/11 11.40 & 16:00
Wednesday 06/07/111 11.40 & 16:00
Thursday 07/07/11 11.40 & 16:00
Friday 08/07/11 11.40 & 16:00



Notes on the adjacent roster.

Think of it as a forecast made the previous Wednesday. The loco allocation is a fluid thing governed by loco condition, loads and crewing issues so reality is often different to what is forecast

This info doesn't automatically update and relies on the webmaster being at home to be able to do the updates.

Please take it as a bit of additional info and not gospel. We'll try to keep it up to date but make no promises

As we would like this site to be an archive to all things Merddin Emrys we would welcome your contributions

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